Easy St. Paddy’s Day Looks

Easy St. Paddy’s Day Looks

St Paddy’s day is around the corner, so it’s time to start brainstorming outfit ideas. I always find this to be one of the hardest holidays to dress up for, whether that be due to my fear of getting pinched, or the fact that I barely own anything green. With all the St Paddy’s day events and shows this year I figured I’d share all my brain storming ideas that don't require you to buy a whole new outfit that you probably wont ever wear again. I came up with three solutions that don't require you to go out and buy green clothing: makeup, hair and accessories.




The easiest idea is just to go all out on your makeup so you don't even have to wear green. This could include green or gold eye shadow, glitter, lipstick, or even eyebrows. I’ve seen a bunch of cool eye shadow looks with gold on top, lined with green underneath, or solid green with gold glitter in the corners. Even just green or gold eye liner on its own looks really good too. Shamrock glitter also exists at many craft stores and online, along with tiny shamrock and other St. Paddy’s day stickers, or green face gems you could glue on with eyelash glue.




Hair is the next easiest, because green hair is so bold you really don't anything else to go with it. Wigs are so easy to style if you tweeze the front and straiten or curl them to look natural. I’ve even found wigs for around $20 at costume stores, Amazon or Target. Most stores also carry colored hair spray so you could go green or gold for the night and wash it out the next day. If you happen to know someone who can French braid fake hair that could be a good idea too, just a little tricky to do on yourself.




Another option is to just accessorize. If you own green Kritter Klips, you’re in luck, but you could even get a green hat and clip other colored ears to it. You could also get green scrunchies or puff balls for your hair. Green facemasks, scarves or pashminas would be great too. I found a green pashmina in time for last year at Goodwill. You could also spice up an outfit with some cheap costume store accessories like green or gold garters, tights, fishnets, socks, or leg wraps. If you found a pair of green or gold leggings you could use my DIY braided leggings article to make them unique and ravey. When it comes to accessorizing, literally throw on anything green, the more the better. Hopefully at least one of these options sparked some ideas so you’re not as clueless as I was when thinking about St. Paddy’s day outfits this year!




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