Eco Friendly Tips for everyday life!

Eco Friendly Tips for everyday life!

With climate change being taken more seriously, people are turning to look for alternatives for plastic and other non-environmentally friendly products. There are small changes that could be made to your everyday life that will make at home a lot more eco-friendly! Here are tips, tricks, and substitutes that should get you started on everyday little things that will make a HUGE difference just from your home or day to day life.

First thing to do is OBVIOUSLY to start recycling at home. It’s super easy to get ahold of your city’s recycling chart. The chart should tell you that not everything can be recycled in the same place and if you didn’t know, if the products are cleaned thoroughly and there’s any dirt or food left in there they CANT recycle those pieces or any of the other pieces that were in the same bin due to contamination. Please make sure that you’re recycling smart, not just recycling.

However a good eco-friendly tip is to reuse. Save your glass jars! You can reuse mason jars for drinking glasses, or storing food, or a million other things around your house. A cool tip is if you find a foam pump that fits one of your jars or just has been recycled, you can diy homemade foam soap by mixing one part soap to five parts water. This is also cheaper than every bath and body works soap and you cut back on plastic use and money cost. You could also just switch to bar soap or bar shampoo and conditioner. Getting rid of aluminum foil and plastic wrap and replacing those with silicone baking mats, stretch lids, and food bags are wonderful reuse items.

Plastic bags from the store can be swapped out for totes, and reusable bags. DIY some from old t-shirts or old mesh curtains. As well when you go shopping for food or bath supplies like shampoo and soap, try buying in bulk and sharing with your family or roommates. The foam soap diy mentioned previously is just one way to save. Bulk buying helps save money and plastic usage. You can also diy your old t shirts into makeup-remover pads, or substitutes for paper towels. The old t-shirt make up remover pads are my favorite eco-friendly festival trick to because it saves so much on trash and I can rinse it off at the showers.

Lastly, of corse the famous, not using plastic water bottles! Switching to a reusable water bottle not only saves on a huge amount of plastic usage but it saves you money as well. Plus it’s 2020, who really uses plastic water bottles anymore? These are also the main thing i see at music festivals littering the ground. Being conscious enough to take a couple extra minutes to go refill your water pack or bottle instead of spending more money on a plastic bottle just seems so much more rational too, doesn’t it?

Hopefully these simple tips are super easy for you to start at home, to bring out with you into the world or your festival life and eventually all three to make an even bigger impact on our changing world. We’d love to hear new ideas and your positive tips, and tricks and substitutes that could help others as well. Make sure to check out other ways you can help out regionally with eco-friendly tips and let’s start fixing our environment!

-By Liz Colston

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