Festival Funds

Festival Funds

Have you ever scrolled on instagram or watched snapchats of someone who is always at an event or festival and wondered how they can afford to go to everything? The FOMO kicks in, but don’t be deceived, planning these trips aren’t as easy as they seem. Big festival trips can dent our wallets, but with the right amount of planning, the damage won’t be as big as we think. Here are some of my top 5 tips that have helped me save up!

1. Go with Friends!

To me this is the most important factor that can make or break whether I go. Of course going to a festival solo can be just as fun, but having friends to<span>  </span>split the sharing costs will be an enormous help. For my EDC trip last year my overall expenses for travel and housing came out to around $294 v.s. around $1180 if I were to go solo. Having a few people to split the room and traveling expenses such as rentals and gas make a huge difference!

2. Get Tickets Early

If you are 100% set on going to a specific festival take advantage of presale codes or getting the passes as soon as they are released. Most festivals have tiers and the earlier the better because they will increase in price. The worst case scenario would be a sold out festival you really wanted to go to and ending up paying more than retail value to go from a resale site. Payment plans are a great way to fully commit to going, but don't suck up all your money at once.

Side note there are some resale ticket sites you can check such as Headliner, Stubhub, and Seatgeek that might have tickets cheaper than face value depending on the demand and have full ticket protection. But be careful of some resale groups/pages such as Facebook that might have scammers so always use paypal goods and services to be protected if you’re not buying from a trusted site.

3. Eat Out Less

Try eating out less although it can be very tempting just cutting down going out a couple times can help you save a bit here and there. Meal prepping for the week can also make you feel more obligated to stay in and eat what’s already prepared. This also applies to drinks too! Whether you need your daily dose of coffee or boba try making it at home. Five dollars doesn’t seem like a lot but 5x7x4= 140. That can buy you a festival ticket alone.

4. Promo Codes

If you’re like me and you get most of your stuff online I highly recommend downloading Honey and Rakuten. Honey automatically finds promo/discount codes available on the internet and checks to see which one gives you the biggest discount. Rakuten offers cashback on certain stores so you’re getting back a little even when you’re spending.

5. Skip the Small Events

As hard as it may sound, skipping these smaller events will help make the big ones possible! When we think of small events we think that they are more affordable but with tickets + gas + parking or travel expenses they do rack up especially after a few small ones. The wait for the festivals will be worth it I promise!!!

(fireworks at EDC)

Hope these tips helped you (and your wallet)! But remember festivals will always be around, if you can’t make ends meet don’t be sad you can save up and full send to the next festival!

-By Koretha

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