Gift Guide!

Gift Guide!
Shopping for a girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friend or foe but cant decide? KritterKlips make great gifts for boys and girls, old and young. Let us help! 

1- Choose by Hair Color. 

Easiest way to buy ears is to shop naturals and choose the pair that closest resembles their natural color.

Dark Brown? We got chu.

Blonde? We got chu too! 

Blackish hair? Here ya go. 

Super Black hair?? Here, here, and here

We even have pairs for strawberry blonde, auburn AND red heads

Grandma wants to meow? Check out grey magic

Pro Tip: Medium browns make a great standard ear for someone you dont know super well

2- Kids

Girly Kids:

Does the gift-getting kid like unicorns, glitter, tutus, fairies and rainbows? Girly Kids (boys included) usually like sparkles, purples and pinks. Purple Sherbet, Sparkle Sherbet, Angel Or Lily Of Wonderland are full proof on girly kids. 

Boyish Kids:

Does the present-getter like natural, muted colors, realistic animals and nature? Get them something to match their hair color in naturals. Other options that are a fun combo of natural and colorful are teal fox which has realistic (faux, always) fur mixed with a teal inside or round bear ears which are cute on absolutely anyone.

3- First Time Ear Owners

Do you have someone in your life that has been fawning over a pair of ears for years but hasnt committed yet? A great starter set could be a pair of mini naturals like the mini blonde magic that match their hair color. They are so cute and more subtle than the rest. We consider them our training ear.

4- Ear Connoisseur 

Are you shopping for someone who literally has hundreds of ears? Someone who you wouldnt even recognize with out ears? Shop Freshies and get them something fresh off the machine that you KNOW they dont have yet.

5 - Party Animal you want to impress

Do they have it all want want it all at the same time? Are they always rocking the newest and coolest looks? Get them something pierced. Something fancy, something stylish, like the Mean Green Kitty.

6- at the end of the day, if you really can't decide, the gift card is the way to go. 

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