How to Give Back

How to Give Back

Giving back to your community can make a large impact on a small scale. Dreamland studios, created by the owners of Kritter Klips and Liquid Dreams Art, are huge about giving back. Last year they donated to quite a few causes such as: Amazon Watch, The Trevor Project, and Sea Shepard. As well as donating, there are a lot of small things you can do that effect your local community.

Shop specific, some local businesses may donate a portion of sales to area or global nonprofits. Online stores often also donate to charitable organizations of your choice at no cost to you, or donate to several different organizations. You can support local nonprofits by seeing if they have fundraising partnerships for local businesses, but volunteer work can help the nonprofits more directly some times.One of the most effective ways is volunteering your time at local nonprofits, food drives, homeless shelters, animal shelters, schools, or children’s hospitals. Time can be a person’s most valuable gift.

Volunteering at a children’s hospital or senior living home is also two great ways to give back. You can read or have conversations with people that will light up their day. You can also do simple everyday tasks that most older people can’t accomplish alone anymore like grocery shopping, cleaning or helping in the kitchen.

For all of the cute lil “kritters” out there you can donate used blankets and towels to local animal shelters. You can also become a foster home for an animal, bring some homemade doggie treats to the shelter or you could even speak to ASPCA on being a local animal activist.

Look into local fundraisers or charity events that help with a nonprofit or cause that you care about. If you can’t find one, start one. Try to get your neighbors to all pitch in for a food drive, make fliers, do a on-porch pick up. Have a garage sale and donate back to a local nonprofit. Have an art auction where people can donate pieces to sell off to donate all proceedings to an organization of your choice. The options are completely limitless.

Some companies even give back to you for helping out locally by coupons and gift cards. It can feel good to know your hard work and effort go a long way and don’t go unnoticed. Make sure to look into your local stores and nonprofits to see what you can jump into doing for your community.

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