How to Pack for a Festival

How to Pack for a Festival

Everyone has that one friend that brings a little too much to festivals and ends up scattering their things all over the tent. Maybe you yourself are just lost on how to pack for a festival weekend without going overboard. There are a ton of easy ways to pack tight for festivals so that you fit in all your essentials and a couple of extra things you think you might need.

First pack all of the individual outfits into a ziploc bag for each day. These will take up less space and help you stay organized so you know exactly what to grab for the day, cutting down on time to get ready. After the day is over you can always throw your dirty clothes back into the ziploc bag. Larger clothes like pants or jackets and towels should be rolled up and placed around the border of your bag or suitcase for extra security against breakables as well. Pack your undergarments and socks in your shoes and place those in the bottom on your bag.

Any small jewelry can be put into pill containers, but large harnesses and belts can be thrown into a fanny pack or drawstring bag. It would also be helpful to throw in your shower products into the drawstring bag as well to take up even less space. Try finding reusable travel shower bottles and filling them up with enough product for just the weekend. Anything breakable you can throw into your socks for extra protection.

Your makeup can be condensed by bringing just what you need for the weekend and packed into your fanny pack or camelback and if you feel like you need more try packing it in the middle of the bag for the most padding and protection to avoid breakage. If you have headband accessories or Kritter Klips you want to bring try bringing a small cardboard box for easy storage.

Make sure to keep condensing your stuff over the seeking by backing an extra empty bag for dirty clothes and accessories you are done using for the weekend. Try using a pillowcase that’s light and thin and can be stored anywhere without taking up so much room. There you have it and If there is any extra space use that for the extra things you personally want to bring. Maybe it’s extra clothes if it’s unexpectedly hot or cold, or a cool bubble blower you just can’t leave at home. Whatever the case, remember to pick up all your trash after you leave the festival and leave the campsite better than when you got there. Take care of your venues and have a wonderful time!

By, Liz Colston

( cover photo: @thriftedqueen)

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