The Kritterklips Story

The Kritterklips Story

KritterKlips was founded in 2015 by Quinn Ja. She started sewing ears out of upcycled teddy bears and old textiles. She would sew on the weekdays at home with her little boy and sell them on the weekends at craft fairs and festivals. Eventually with the help of her mom, grandma and friends who know how to sew we were able to start producing better ears at a better price and the rest is history! Now there is a team of 6 us who vend festivals, work on the website, make ears, pack orders and do creative stuff. If you happen to see us somewhere say hi!

KritterKlips is all about self-expression, playfulness and simply spreading smiles in your everyday life. As a women owned company we support many causes; gender-neutral equality, generosity towards a healthy future and kindness to all humanity.

Together alongside Amazon Watch and YOU, we can help us make a difference in this world! We proudly donate 5% of our profits to an amazing nonprofit that defends sacred space and indigenous rights in the Amazon. YOUR purchase can help save an animal life, but that’s not all. YOU are also supporting local artists, crafts, small business and female empowerment.

Our ears are locally handmade in Oakland, California with the finest of faux furs. That’s right, none of our Kritters are ever harmed!

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