The Legend Of The Uni-Ear

The Legend Of The Uni-Ear

Many moons ago, when the meow world was still new - at Symbiosis 2016 - I sold a pair of KritterKlips to a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kitty. 


She was delighted with the unique treasure she had found! But, to my dismay, she came back a few hours later with tears in her eyes  holding only one ear. She lost the other ear just moments after buying it, and was devastated. I offered her new, different ears of all shapes and sizes and she said no. The pair she chose was the only one for her, and slumped away with a gloom and a pout. 

A few hours later, I saw her again dancing to @thepolishambassador, wearing her solo ear right in the middle of her head! She had a renewed sense of joy with her invention a whole new KritterKlips look: the Uniear! We laughed and hugged, and she rocked her uniear the whole festival. 

This story of courage and magic did not end there. Four years later, I got another message from my Kritter Princess:

“Hi- I’m not sure if you remember me, but there is something I always wanted to tell you. I lost my KritterKlips ear four years ago, and while I was packing up to leave camp, a volunteer came by with my OTHER ear in his hand! He was doing clean up and found it, and then found me!!! Long story short: he was gorgeous, we fell in love, and are getting married in October. Thought you’d appreciate this 😭😭😭 MAGIC IS REAL EVERYONE!!! 😭😭😭”

Who needs a glass slipper when you have a Kritter Klip? 

Not only was this girl fearless enough to forge an incredible new look, she found her perfect match because of it!  

Kritter Klips do possess a special magic because each one is hand made with love and a custom touch - no mass produced crap from China in our store. 

There is a KritterKlip in every color or pattern you can think of, and we are always adding crazy new twists. You can even get yours with jewelry or a matching tail- whatever you need to uniquely express YOU. 

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