What is Your Festival Fashion Style?

What is Your Festival Fashion Style?

As the festival and rave scene has been growing, so has the incredible fashion varieties. A quick reminder that what was once all neon and knee-high fluffies has turned into a full blown international fashion takeover. With the industry booming, and everyone adding their personal flavors, there have been several types of festival style that came out in the last decade. Do you know all of them and what is your favorite? Here are a couple fan favorites!

The Casual Festival Goer:

This style has been seen through the decade with heavy amounts of distressed denim, accented with a lacey, or glittery top. Sometimes a diy vintage rock band shirt will appear. A style that is commonly seen at festivals with a wider music range, rather than specifically edm, such as Coachella and Bonnaroo. This style is comfortable, affordable, easily accessible and forever going to be a staple in the festival fashion style.

(source: @alexcentomono)

The Hippie Dippie:

This style has many faces from long flowing skirts and bell sleeved tops to anything knitted, suede or tie-dye. The number one thing that is running through the veins of any truly hippie dippie fashionista is COMFORT! This fashionista doesn’t necessarily have to match, however they do so effortlessly, decorated with gold chains or maybe your favorite hand-made utility belt you bought from your last festival. The patchwork of prints this style has is just another one that is timeless throughout the decade.

(source: @wethe_wildones )

Streetwear Stunna:

The most recent style to surface the festival scene. This brave face features checkered prints, moto pants, joggers, cross-bodied bags, long belts and plenty of buckles. This fashion style is prepared to win the race of survival for the weekend. Perfect for cold season festivals, at home and in the summer. This style is comfort and versatility in a new way. Watch out for this hot rod!

(source: @emdavies__ )

Rave Queen Supreme:

Glitter and Glam, this style is bright bold and SHINY! Holographic two pieces, shimmering sequins, neons, pasties and face jewels everything about this style is to the tens. From head to toe this fashionista is about detail. Hair and makeup have to match the outfit that is absolutely thought out in every way! Accessories, Accessories, ACCESSORIES is the key components in this style. This bright and bold wave is shown by your favorite influencers and companies you love every day! Always a highlight of the decade!

(source: @ttigerlilly )

However, it doesn’t matter if you’re style specific or a mashup of many components, you absolutely are welcome to any festival you go too! Show up and show out fashion queens and kings! As well we all know that any pair of kritter klips can perfectly match your personal style and are a great way to top of the outfit! Don’t forget to tag us with your favorites #kritterklips or #meowkult 

-By Liz Colston

(cover photo source: @energyqueenn )

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