What Kind Of Kritter Are You?

What Kind Of Kritter Are You?
At festivals people ask me, what kind of animal ears are these? Bear ears, or fox ears, cat ears? 
My answer is simple: they are YOU ears – they are made to look like if you woke up and grew ears, they would be your ears. 
Some people buy them to match their outfits, or personalities but my absolute favorite is when they buy them to match their hair color. 
I’ve met thousands of different types of Kritters in the 5 years I’ve been making ears, so the question is, which one are you?​ To find out, we made a personality quiz so you can find out...which Kritter are YOU? 
Keeping reading to find out. 
1- Forest Magic Meow - You read your horoscope every morning, you even read your cats horoscope every morning. You love chilling out by the river and playing on your sweet ukulele. You love socializing but you love being alone even more. Nothing is better than a nice cup of tea and a hot bath on a quiet day. You live for hikes, animals and art. You care for the planet and appreciate quality not quantity. You don’t like being the center of attention but also will take a good compliment anydayy. – you are a natural born Silk Road
2 – Mama Party Kritter – you LIVE for the party. You are the life of the party and partying gives you life. You have a huge group of friends, and you love everyone equally. You like to take care of all your baby kritters. You are a brave and bold trend setter that loves to be the center of attention. You are the totum carrier, the hydrator, the snack purse, the emergency hug meow and you need to be at EVERY festival and party you can get your paws on. The FOMO is real with this one and You are Extroverted with a capital E, you are a Neon Racer
3 – Sweet Baby Meow – you love all things pink and soft. You love being comfy cozy and love a good excuse to stay in. When you go out you stay low key and meet up with your closest meow fam but don’t usually get into anything crazy. You love being petted and groomed. You love makeup, getting dressed up and anything girly, you are a Sparkle Sherbet
4- Rainbow Kitty – Rainbows, RAINBOWS AND MORE RAINBOWS, and some glitter, and some neon. NOTHING is over the top for you. You want all of it, on you, MEOW! You love cartoons, anime, unicorns, and anything that is screaming I AM A RAINBOW KITTY
5 – Natural Born Kitty – You don’t just “wear kitty ears” You were born a cat. You are a cat. And you always will be a cat. These are FACTS. You wear ears to the grocery store, you wear ears to get coffee, you wear ears to your doctors appointment and you wear ears to work. The last time you didn’t wear ears you got marked absent from class because no one recognized you. You are ALL the ears, but your natural born pair is Blonde Magic Mini
6 – Hottie Kitty – Your hot, and you know it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that. You don’t need approval, or acceptance. You wear what YOU want to wear, and that’s mostly black. You get what you want, on your own time, you are a –  Wild Ombre
7 – Glam Meow – You are everything glamerous. You love to be top of the line, dolled up, looking fresh from head to toe, from nails to ears. You are about that gold and glitter life. Luxury is your middle name and you wont settle for less, you are a Sparkle Blonde
So, which Kritter are you? No matter which one you are, make sure to OWN IT. All my Kritters are wonderful and important in their own way. 
The best part about Kritter Klips, is you don't need to pick one personality forever. You can change your inner-animal based on whatever mood you wake up in! Whoever you are today, we have a pair for you to wear.
Share your results with us and your friends on social and tell the world you YOU are. Can't wait to find out your results!



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