Why You Should Switch To Reusable Grocery Bags And Ditch Single-Use

Why You Should Switch To Reusable Grocery Bags And Ditch Single-Use

Picture this: you’ve stopped at the grocery store on the way home from a long day at work. You’ve grabbed a few things, maybe something for breakfast the next morning. It’s not until you’ve unloaded your basket at the register that you realize you left your reusable bags in the car! Your current dilemma is this, you either run to the car to get your bags, juggle your items in your arms in fear of dropping them, or shamefully request plastic bags. To you, this is a pretty big deal. You’ve been working on being mindful of reducing your carbon footprint, but you feel like this whole grocery store ordeal might set you back. While you’re processing all this, the person behind you asks for everything in double plastic bags, and you feel frustrated as to why you even try.

Let’s rewind a bit. Not everyone is the person who consciously eliminates their use of single-use plastic bags. Maybe you’re the next person who could definitely cut down on your use of plastic grocery bags. That’s totally fine! Maybe you just weren’t ready to make that step until now. However, it’s never too late to become the person who goes out of their way to make our planet more sustainable. One of the easiest ways to get started toward an environmentally conscious direction is to utilize reusable grocery bags during your shopping trips. Yes, you’ll forget your bags sometimes, and that’s totally okay. You’re only human! So if you’re thinking about ditching plastic and switching over to reusable, there are some great reasons to.

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First of all, reusable bags are priced very reasonably. Some stores even offer incentives like discounts for bringing your own reusable bags, which can add up eventually. When it comes to purchasing these bags, you can spend just a few bucks and have multiple bags that will last you for a long period of time. Reusable bags are pretty durable and can support the many shopping trips you will take for years to come. Not to mention, they are strong and can hold a lot more groceries than a plastic bag. Who wants to deal with transporting glass items in a plastic bag that could potentially rip and damage your items? A reusable will be able to hold all of your heavy groceries, including glass jars and bottles that could’ve smashed to the ground if they were in plastic.

As long as you regularly occasionally your reusable bags, they can actually be more hygienic. Plastic bags at the grocery store often pass through many hands before they end up in yours. You know where your own bags came from and you can wash them as you please. Reusable bags also grant you the option to keep all of your perishables together, rather than in separate single-use plastic bags. Keeping all of your cold groceries packed tightly into one large bag will keep them colder for longer trips home.

Reusable bags are also multipurpose! They don’t have to be used solely for groceries. Always having one of these bags handy makes it easy to transport things such as clothes or shoes. Pro tip: reusable bags are great for bringing dry snacks to camping festivals! When you are not using them, most can fold up small enough to fit into your purse or other tight compartments.

Most of all, moving away from single-use plastic bags and toward reusable bags makes you feel good about yourself. Even though your part is small, and it’s not always carried out perfectly, it beats the other option. Do your part in preserving our beautiful planet… it’s the only one we’ve got.

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