Spikey Teal

Spikey Teal

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It is all about dramatic festival wear. The “Wild Teal” offers impressive play of bold colors and interesting multi dimensional textures. The medium pile fur is highlighted with splashes of brown and black. The pop of teal in the center brings the look together to create this truly stunning piece. These decadent lovelies will make an impact at any event.

“ Love. Love. Love my Kritter Klips. I admit. I am obsessed. I have a collection and match them with different outfits.” Rachael C, Sebastopol, CA.


 2” w x 2.5” h. Most popular. Perfect size for all day wear. 

*Measurements are approximate of centers only. Add .25” to 1.5” inches for various fur lengths. 


Kritter differences….

1. Our exclusive technique:
Each ear is hand crafted using our exclusive technique resulting in a wider base and deeper canal that opens up and allows the ear to sit at a perfect angle. Thus creating our signature Kritter Klip.

2. Kritter Quality:
We use super plush high quality faux furs and fabrics. Each ear is hand and machine sewn with no glue used.

3. Kritter Komfort:
Our furs and fabrics are soft and light weight for comfortable all day wear. They are sewn onto clips…so no headband headaches. The clips also add to a more realistic look. They will feel so natural you won’t even know that you are wearing them.


• Attach them at different angles for different effects.
• For medium to long fur, flip upside down and shake to fluff.
• Secure with bobby pins if necessary.


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