Green Dino Bucket Hat Combo Meal

Green Dino Bucket Hat Combo Meal

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A blast from the past with a modern twist, our Green Dino Bucket Hat is made with a UV reactive electric green that intermingles itself within a stark black fur. The black satin-like interior is reversible and heavily accented with a variation the custom, iconic Dino print from our sister company, Liquid Dreams

AND every Bucket Hat Combo Meal comes with a pair of matching themed KritterKlip ears!

But the outward appearance of this bucket hat is far from being the only thing that makes it unique...

Other Features Include:

  • Interior Stash Pocket
  • Interior Drawstring
  • Two Button Holes (for your KritterKlips) 

This bucket hat is ideal for the festival/rave scene and pretty much anywhere else where you want to make a statement.

Note: there are two versions of this hat — if you want the ears, go for the combo!

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