Kritter Klips promotes meaningful self expression and playfulness in all of us. The precise size, shape and material combination created a wearable piece of art that is silly and sophisticated at the same time. Perfect for both kids and adults. Kritter Klips transcend age, time and genres to add a little fun in everyday life.

All of our ears are hand made in San Francisco California. Each pair is both machine sewn and hand stitched.

Our opening wholesale order is $150. Once you have opened your account, there is no minimum order. Ship time depends on size of order, 1-3 weeks. If you have a special event or need, please contact us. If our schedule allows, we will always try and help with a special ship date.

A current Visa, AMEX or MasterCard Number, with name on the card, expiration date, security code and billing zip code. It will ship approximately 7 business days from the time your credit card being charged.