Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼
Acid Panda 🐼

Acid Panda 🐼

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Awww, panda 🤍🖤🤍🖤

We were thinking that it was about time to make a panda-inspired bear ear, so we decided to use an original satin-like UV reactive inside designed by Liquid Dreams and paired with some wispy black and white fur for a playful look we hope you love!

KritterKlips has been around for over a decade, helping you unleash your inner kritter with our animal ear all handmade in Southern California! We utilize fun, unique prints and furs all locally sourced and designed with you in mind — is this your perfect pair?

Part of the Catwalk Chaos Collection!

Large-Sized Bear Ear – Size Chart (similar in size to a Large-Sized Regular Ear)

Please note that this ear is made with a VARIABLE inside, meaning each pair will be totally unique and unlike the rest!

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Our products are all handmade with some being made to order and will sometimes require a special lead time.

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KritterKlips in their basic form are clip-on ears (Cat? Fox? Wolf? Bear? — Yup! All of the above).

Born and based in California, KritterKlips is the hair accessory purrrfect for all ages (children to adults) and any occasion, such as raves, festivals, cosplay, everyday wear, and more!

Though KritterKlips has expanded upon its roots of being cute kitty cat ears, introducing an array of other products all meant to add a little something special to your look, cute and fun animal ears will remain the primary inspo!

With locally sourced materials and all design work done in-house, our high-quality, handmade faux fur ears and tails, and other products can mark just the beginning of your KritterKlips collection!

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