B*t€h Ima Cowperson 🐮 Bucket Hat Combo Meal

B*t€h Ima Cowperson 🐮 Bucket Hat Combo Meal

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Black, white, and gray with subtle hints of brown are swirled within the plush fur that covers one side of this bucket hat, while the custom Eyes of Egypt pattern from our sister company, Liquid Dreams, fills the dark, sleek fabric of the opposing side.

AND every Bucket Hat Combo Meal comes with a pair of matching themed KritterKlip ears!

But the outward appearance of this bucket hat is far from being the only thing that makes it unique...

Other Features Include:

  • Interior Stash Pocket
  • Interior Drawstring
  • Two Button Holes (for your KritterKlips)

This bucket hat is ideal for the festival/rave scene and pretty much anywhere else where you want to make a statement.

Note: there are two versions of this hat — if you want the ears, go for the combo!

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