Kritter Klips are handcrafted clip-on animal ears. 
As premier ear crafters, we take pride in meticulously creating each pair in our studio in San Francisco, CA.
By combining exotic faux furs with our exclusive tailoring techniques we create the whimsical yet realistic look that is the Kritter Klips signature. 
The ageless magic of the Kritter transforms and ignites the imagination with a snap. We promote meaningful self-expression, playfulness and simply spreading smiles in everyday life. 
“The nuance of making an ear…when the tones, size and shape is perfect...magic happens. It’s effortless. ”.....Quinn

Founders and Ear Crafters Quinn Steckel and Choi Tse

We donate a portion of our profits to organizations commited to protecting and fighting for the future of our earth and all of the animals who call it home. 

Amber T. Oakland, CA.

“I work in at a children’s hospital. I wear the ears during my shift and it’s such a joy to see the smiles the Kritter brings. Kids are just mesmerized by them.”

Marjorie S-San Francisco

"I keep a pair of Kritters in my pocket..just in case. I’m party ready. Whola! Instant costume."

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