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"I honestly feel naked without them...Wearing KritterKlips brings out a super playful side and makes me feel more ME. I've brought them to every single festival I've attended."
-Kyra Caitlyn, WA - @shakyra222


Made By Hand

Each ear is hand crafted in Oakland, California using our exclusive technique resulting in a wider base and deeper canal that opens up and allows the ear to sit at a perfect angle. Each one is handmade and machine sewn, using no glue or additives.


Highest Quality

We use super plush high quality faux furs and fabrics when making our ears. We try to substitute recycled/upcycled and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible. Our ears are carefully sewn onto our custom made hair clips so no headband is needed. The clips will feel so natural you won’t even know that you are wearing them!


Giving Back

We donate a portion of our annual sales to nonprofits defending human and environmental rights. We also fund our own volunteer collective and commit to a low waste creation process. We donate any access materials instead of throwing it in the trash. Building a better world one ear at a time!

"Kritter Klips are by far one of my favorite accessories!!! The details truly make outfits come together and make me feel like a fashion icon!"
-Madelyn Stewart, Scottsdale, AZ