About Us




In 2015, our founder, Quinn Ja, began making her ears out of up-cycled teddy bears and old textiles. She would sew on the weekdays at home with her little boy and then sell her handmade ears on the weekends at craft fairs and festivals. Eventually, with the help of her mom, grandma, and friends, who also knew how to sew, Quinn was able to produce better quality ears and more of them, too.

A Closer Look

New Techniques

Quinn was able to found a new technique that allowed her to source local fabrics and faux furs, giving her more freedom when it came to the overall aesthetic and design of her ears. She also created her own patterns and then hand-cut them straight from the material itself, hand-sewing all of the pieces together!

Similar to the ears you see in our store today, this technique was purely done by hand in the beginning but allowed her handmade ears to take the iconic look they still hold.

She was also able to introduce new sizes and shapes, making her creations even more unique as she kept to the familiar functionality, attaching them to classic style barrettes we all know and love!

The Journey Continues


Thanks to you, Quinn's love for ears has been able to bloom into what it is today with so many of you making memories with KritterKlips in your hair! She has now passed the baton, deciding to further pursue her passion for wholistic medicine, though all of us here still hold true to the values and dreams that laid the foundation of KritterKlips.

There is now a whole team of us who vend at festivals, work on the website, make ears, pack orders, and stay creative. We abide by the notion that KritterKlips is all about self-expression, playfulness and spreading smiles in your everyday life, while remaining environmentally conscious and endeavoring to make the world a better — and more colorful — place one ear at a time. We also strive to maintain the overall quality of our ears, which is why they are still hand-sewn along with some of our newest items (including our bucket hats, jackets, and fan holsters) right here, in Southern California.

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