how to wash kritterklips



everything you need to know

It's super easy to keep your klips looking kute! This guide is intended to give you our personal recommendations when it comes to washing your KritterKlips! All you need is a sink, some gentle soap, a hairbrush or comb, a nice little place to let them dry (out of direct sunlight) and you're golden! Let's begin!

Step One: Bath Time

Hand-wash your ears in the sink with lukewarm water — you can add some soap if you wish, though gentle soaps are recommended since some chemicals can harm the fur and/or fabric of your ears, and we want them to enjoy this time!


Towel dry or simply shake the excess water out when you're done with bath time, then delicately run a hair comb through the fur! As a means of ensuring the fur dries without any kinks, we recommend lying them on their backs with the fur fully brushed out, and then leaving them to air dry, avoiding areas with direct sunlight. You don't want to forget about them and then find them faded and jaded.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT recommend blow-drying or straightening the ears. Because the fur is synthetic, any excessive heat can cause it to melt, like if you ever tried straightening your Barbie's hair — remember that and the instant regret that followed.


Once your ears are fully dry, gently use your comb to brush out your ears as the final touch! After that, they should look just as they did the day you met them, and they'll be ready to be put back on display! Yay! :)

If you have any questions or need clarification when it comes to any of the steps above, simply send us a message: